There’s no getting around it, we deal with A LOT OF HAIR AND A LOT OF SMELLS owning four dogs. And I care a lot about having a clean house with good smelling pups that are always snuggle-able. So here are some of the things we do on the Roberds Farm to make dog ownership way more enjoyable (and way easier!).

All items mentioned here are Cooper, Koda, Whisper & Willow tested and approved!



One thing that has significantly helped with the amount of fur that tumbleweeds around the house is brushing our dogs regularly with a Furminator. Use it once a week or so and you’ll notice that it significantly cuts down on the amount of hair that your dog sheds!

Robo Vacuum

This item is an investment but it. is. AWESOME. It’s a robo vacuum that we call by name (our dear gal pal, Eufy) and we LOVE HER. We have used this robovac every day since we purchased it in December and it still works perfectly. We clean it out once a day so that we can run it every night while we’re sleeping and when we wake up, the house is SPOTLESS. It’s really amazing how well it works and how much work it has cut out for us! Can’t recommend it enough if you have a fluffy pup and hate spending time vacuuming as much as we do!

Easy to Wash Bed Blankets

If your bed looks a little bit like ours does (full of furry pups!), pick up a few of these fleece blankets to use as your top blanket over the rest of your bedding and sheets! That way you can easily throw the fleece blanket in the wash when it gets hairy instead of having to wash your heavy duvet that’s extremely hard to wash every time! I wash the top blanket every few days so that I only have to wash all of our bedding once a week.


Dog Shampoo

Fresh ‘n Clean shampoo has been a game changer for us! I have tried a LOT of other dog shampoos and this one surpasses them all. This keeps our dogs smelling the best, the longest and when the dogs get wet again, the good smell is reactivated. It’s really amazing how well it works!

Shower Wand

We use a Waterpik attachable shower wand during the dogs’ bath time and it has made washing our dogs so much easier and so much quicker. It has a curved shape to it which makes getting your pup wet and rinsing them so much easier! And I love that it is detachable so we can put it away after using it and it doesn’t have to stay in our shower!


Best Dog Collars Ever

These collars took me way too long to find (and to even know they existed!). I was constantly trying to clean Cooper’s collar before, but no matter how many times I cleaned it, Coop would always stink because his collar was so stinky. So gross!! All of our dogs now wear these no smell dog collars and they. are. amazing. They never stink, are completely water proof, and super durable. We’ve had ours for 2 years already without a single issue (or smell!). We even engraved Harry Potter quotes onto each of them, so, WINNERS ALL AROUND.


Purification Essential Oil

This oil is the reason I have become an essential oil believer and it has become one of our best kept secrets to keeping our house smelling fresh and “animal-smell” free. And it’s completely natural, safe, and GOOD for you and your pets to breathe in! Everyone that walks into our house says it smells good and it’s because of Purification Essential Oil. This magical oil gets rid of all of the odors in the air and replaces them with a citrus-y and clean smell. We diffuse it all of the time because we love the smell but especially when we have guests over! I mix a few drops of Christmas Spirit Essential Oil in with Purification Essential Oil in my diffuser and it makes your house smell clean and animal-stink free!

The thing that convinced us of it’s odor-eliminating magic was when we had a Yankee Candle burning right next to it as Purification was diffusing and we couldn’t even smell the candle scent!! That’s how well the Purification oil was taking away the smells from the air! It was CRAZY! Don’t believe me? TRY IT! How well it works will speak for itself (that’s how confident I am)! *Must be Young Living oil being diffused in a Young Living diffuser. Their quality of products is the only one I trust and stand behind because their products WORK.*

To purchase oil and diffuser:
1. Click here
2. Select “Retail Customer”
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My recommendations for an animal-smell-free and magical smelling house are:
- Purification Oil
- Christmas Spirit Oil
- Aria Diffuser

If you’d like my recommendations for other oils and products, please feel free to message me on Instagram and I’d be happy to help!


Black and White Flannel Dog Bed

I don’t even mind having these dog beds around my house because they’re so cute that they blend right in with the rest of my farmhouse decor! And our dogs are constantly on them so I know they’re comfortable, too!


Chuckit! with Extra Tennis Balls

I am a big believer in exercising your dog everyday so that they’re calm and cuddly for the rest of it! We love taking our dogs on walks but we don’t always have time to go on a hike with multiple pups SO my favorite way to wear them out is by using a Chuckit! to play fetch! This tires their furry little butts out even better than taking them on a walk does. We also buy these tennis balls to use with our Chuckit! since we go through a million tennis balls a day in our household (regular tennis balls will work with the Chuckit! linked, too!).

And there you have it! So many of our tried and true favorite doggy things! If you try any of these products, let me know how they work for you! It’s been so fun sharing these! I can’t thank you enough for being here! YOU making sharing these kinds of things so fun!

Ashleigh & Cooper, Koda, Whisper, and Willow