Master Bedroom Renovation with Mattress Firm and Beautyrest

          I look at my husband at least once a day and say "this is my favorite place to be.” That place looks a lot like being snuggled up in bed, with twinkle lights and salt lamps on, candles lit, furry puppies piled in all around us and our favorite TV show on repeat (bonus if we have ice cream!).

          When we moved into our new house at the beginning of June, I knew the first room we had to work on was our bedroom. As long as our room is decked out with lights, soothing colors and decorations, I'm a happy camper. I was so excited when Mattress Firm and Beautyrest reached out to me and wanted to collaborate with us. The process of decorating this room with my love in our first house has been so sweet and we're so excited to share it with all of you. And let me tell you, now that our room is finished, it is the only place I want to spend time (please apologize to all of the people in my life as it's been darn near impossible to leave our new house-- we're so smitten!). There are few things I love more than the sense of home this house has given us. We never expected homeownership to be so sweet. This has become our happy place and Mattress Firm and Beautyrest are completely to thank for that because YOU GUYS, this mattress. It is HANDS DOWN the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on and it has made our house complete!





The shining star of this room is our mattress from Mattress Firm and Beautyrest. It is a king size, Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plus Wellington Plush Pillow Top Mattress and I am not exaggerating when I tell you IT IS LIKE SLEEPING ON A CLOUD. It's so comfortable, I never want to get up! And Josh and I have both slept better than we ever have in our lives.

I Love Us sign: Homegoods (I was ecstatic when I found this-- it was exactly what I had hoped to find!! Bonus: it had some marks on it so we bought it discounted and cleaned the marks right off!)

Headboard: Art Van

Pillows: Homegoods and Pottery Barn

Duvet Cover: Urban Outfitters

Shelves: World Market

Shelf Brackets: Purchased at Menards and then spray painted gold

Shelf knick-knacks: Urban Outfitters, Homegoods, Hobby Lobby and Pottery Barn

Hanging Planters and Terrarium: Urban Outfitters

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock and I am IN LOVE. It looks almost like a hunter green in the daylight and in the evening it becomes this calming and romantic teal.

Ceiling: We planked these ceilings using boards we purchased at Lowe's. My husband primed, sanded, and painted them all so they would be this stunning white color and put them all up! Best idea we've ever had to cover the awful textured ceilings this room had and such a budget-friendly solution!!

Clearly everyone is catching more zzz's since this mattress joined the family.

Koda is totally jealous he's not the one getting kisses.

Can't wait to share rest of the house with you as we finish each room! And if you need us, chances are, we'll be snuggled up in our room, plus or minuses a few fluffy puppies!

The Roberds

We were so excited to partner with Mattress Firm and Beautyrest for this collaboration. All opinions expressed were completely our own. Now run, don't walk, to get your hands on one of these mattresses! Believe us when we say that it will change your life!