Choosing Joy in Social Media

I desperately crave to live a life that's beautiful. And I don't mean in a photographic sense, but in a "I'm-going-to-choose-joy-in-this-moment-even-when-it-isn't-perfect" sense.

I've had so many conversations with friends recently and have been mulling over my thoughts about this after reading several blogs mocking Instagram or stating how social media doesn't post the "real-life" situation going on behind the perfect photo. I've read posts talking about how we should share the good along with the bad and I've read posts mocking peoples' positivity when they choose not to. I've gone back and forth with what I think about this - I love vulnerability and I believe whole-heartedly in it, but vulnerability comes with the closeness of a friendship, and social media posts go out to far more people than your close friends. So I've come to this conclusion: I'm going to continue to choose the joy. Everyone knows there's negativity behind a beautiful picture with a perfectly worded caption. And maybe I should be more intentional about sharing the fight that was ensuing during that picture, or how bad Cooper had been that entire day, or how it was a million degrees outside with insane humidity and both of us were extremely cranky and weren't romantically in love at that moment like we look in that picture, but I want to live in a way that doesn't focus on those moments. And I know people enjoy hearing the truths behind these moments, (I know, because I do, too!), because they make people feel like they're not alone in their struggles, but with so much negativity all around, why is it necessary to post? This isn't a blog telling you how you should or shouldn't post on Facebook or Instagram, or to make you feel guilty about how you do. It's simply a blog standing up for the positivity that people choose to share. I don't choose to leave out the negative truths behind a situation when I post a picture because I'm trying to act like my life is perfect and happy 24/7. I leave out the negativity when I post a picture because I'm deciding to choose joy. Yes, it's good to be reminded (often!) that life isn't perfect, but we all know that, and so choosing to see the good snip-bits in a situation is what we need to be reminded to do. I'm still learning how it looks to balance this, how to balance truly capturing authentic moments that accurately depict my life, but I promise I'll always air on the side of positivity. Not because I'm trying to fake it, but because I'm trying to choose it.

Choose joy, friends. It's silly how joyful life becomes when it's our focus. The moments are sweeter, the laughs are fuller, and the happiness realer. And if you want to know about the negativity behind any moment, just ask! because you're not alone in your really crappy moments (but also because I would be happy to laugh about it with you since it most likely includes Cooper eating something gross he wasn't supposed to).