The one where we're living on the road

Happy one month of adventurin' to us!!!! What a dream it has been. I've been mulling over what to blog about since before we left. Even as we began our pilgrimage across the US, I've been wanting to share with you all what we we're learning, what our days look like, and how it's all been going. But it's taken awhile for this lifestyle to set in, and it's only since being on the road for a month now that we feel comfortable sharing some of our story. We're kind of starting to get good at this, you guys. So, (drumroll please) in honor of four weeks of living our dream, we are happy to present...

TRUTHS ABOUT ROAD LIFE (according to the Roberds and Cooper):

1. Spitting sunflower seeds is an art. Truly. And if your front teeth don't line up perfectly as mine do not, it is nearly impossible. Never spit a sunflower seed out your window when your dog's head is out the window right behind you... The sunflower seed will, without fail, fly right back into your car. 

2. Learning how to laugh (at yourself, at your muddy dog, at each other) is one of the most freeing gifts you can give yourself. It makes everyday so much more fun. 

3. Slowing down in order to live this lifestyle is an intentional choice. We had multiple conversations during the first weeks on this journey reminding one another (and ourselves!) to enjoy every moment. It is easy to become overwhelmed with budgeting, planning places to stay, and being cranky (because it's the fifth night in a row you're sleeping in the car and you haven't showered in five days... this is all a hypothetical situation, of course), but we are learning to slow down and to enjoy every moment. Everyday is so beautiful in it's own way, and we never know the beauty that each day is going to hold. Everyday is truly an adventure when you slow down enough to leave yourself open to the adventure each day brings.

4. Grandparents and parents do not like it when you set up a hammock in front of their kids' daycare. (It was confusing, you guys, and we weren't being nearly as creepy as we sound. It said it was a park... and the daycare was so small it was hardly a building... and it didn't say "daycare" anywhere on it.) 

5. Us, dogs, really get the raw end of the deal with this whole "not being able to choose your parents" business. We have to find a way to interview them or something... Make sure they're worthy of our love. When you do find a way to pick your perfect parents, make sure you find parents who want to live on the road. I'm having the best time, you guys. My days are filled with long walks, playing with other dogs, and lots and lots of strangers who want to pet and take pictures with me. (Cooper stole the keyboard, guys. Sorry...)

6. Doing everything with radical love changes everything. Even the most simple tasks, when done with love, can turn into that day's biggest blessing. Love strangers you encounter with radical love, it opens up the coolest opportunities to share stories with people all over the US.  Love each other with radical love, because at the end of the day, that's who you're crawling into bed beside and building a life with. Love your life with radical love, because it's your life and you should love the life you lead deeply.

7. Cleaning wipes are very necessary for all activities while living on the road. Buy them and buy lots of them and keep. them. everywhere. I'll let you figure out uses for them on your own. Enough said. 

8. Never apologize for being who you are and wanting to live the kind of life you do. We have always felt guilty for not being the "cookie-cutter" people we so often feel like people around us want us to be. That is so silly. We are learning so much about our passions and our strengths and our weaknesses and it's so empowering to stand confident in who you are and what you want. There is NO REASON to apologize to anyone about who you are. Love deeply. Be the best version of yourself. And have fun. Life is such a short, beautiful gift. Why spend it living any other way other than in a way that you're fully passionate about.

9. If you've been a really good doggy all day and have hardly bothered your parents... and you're pretty sure they've forgotten about you in the back seat, make sure to crawl up to the passenger seat and sit on them. Long enough until you're confident they remember you again. (Cooper again. He's getting sassy.)

10. Going to bed when the sun sets and waking up when the sun rises with the fresh air in your face is what it's all about, you guys. 

11. Cities, while filled with adventure and beauty, seem abnormal after spending time in nature. Our very beings crave the outdoors. It is so good to escape the busyness, the stress, and the chaos and just be. It refreshes and rejuvenates you in a way you can't even imagine. And it allows you time to DREAM. Something we had literally forgotten how to do.

12. Campsites that require dogs to be on a leash at all times are completely a waste of time. If you're going to force me to be a road dog, the least you could do is find me a campsite where I can run free. Tell your humans to completely bypass Florida, there aren't places like this anywhere. (Cooper speaks the truth.)

13. Anyone can become a camper. I never thought I had it in me, but it has been an absolute BLAST. Peeing in the woods, pooping in vaulted toilets, sitting for hours around a fire having fulfilling conversation, waking up with chai tea and sunshine, not having technology, never wearing make up, having date nights every night, snuggling in sleeping bags with nothing but the sounds of nature all around... it's the best. Do it with your lover right now, I double dog dare you. You find out what you're made of and learn so much about one another. It's hilarious and rewarding. 

14. Treats and toys are a limited luxury these days. The humans gave me the tiniest tote filled with my things, and it hardly fits any of my favorite treasures. Eat goose poop, chew on their fire wood, and bite your feet until they realize you need a bone and some toys. It works every time. (Cooper... what a stinker...)

15. Support of friends and family make our hearts pitter patter more than we ever thought possible! We've never understood the true importance of support from loved ones. We've never been in a situation where it was nearly as important to us. But we have been absolutely blown away by the support we've received, whether that's taking us out to dinner, seeking to meet up with us along the way, or encouraging text messages and comments on our posts. Make sure to hug each and every person you love today, you guys! Your people make your life the best possible life you could live. To our people, we are so thankful for each and every one of you.

So much love from snowy New Mexico,
The Roberds & Cooper