The one where we tell you about our trip

Friends and family,

Thanks so much for taking a second to read about our adventure! We are so happy to have you here. Grab something warm to drink and stay awhile. 

Joshua and I have been dreaming, scheming, planning, for a trip around the U.S. since last summer. A marriage and a puppy later and we are so excited to finally be making that dream a reality. We are planning on leaving at the end of October and traveling the United States for six months. We invested in a pop up camper that we have quickly fallen in love with, that Joshua and I, along with our Golden Retriever pup, Cooper, will be living out of. It's going to be an adventure and we couldn't be more excited.

We don't have too much of a plan and that's what thrills us the most. The logistics of this trip have been very well thought through, but how long we spend in each location? We're totally going with the flow on that one. This trip opens up so many opportunities for us it makes us giddy just thinking about them; growing Ashleigh's photography business, quality time spent together, and taking a step back from the daily grind to sort out where we want to go from here (occupationally, locationally, etc.) just to name a few. Since getting married, we have worked opposite schedules and the thought of spending six months simply just being together all day, everyday, absolutely THRILLS us. Here's to hoping we don't drive each other mad... :)

We want to go everywhere. We're most intrigued about heading out West as neither of us have been out there... California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Vancouver just to mention a few, but we plan on spending time in Washington D.C., Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Utah, North and South Carolina, and anywhere else you think we should visit. To keep tabs on our whereabouts be sure to follow us both on Instagram: ashleighgrams & joshuascottr. 

Joshua and I are THRILLED to take my photography on the road with us. I am looking for every opportunity possible to do as many photoshoots on the road as I can. If you are in any location of the U.S. please feel free to contact me (find Ashleigh Roberds Photography on Facebook!!) so we can set up a shoot. We have looked into National and State parks who will pay photographers for photos of their parks. Josh and I are hoping to do photoshoots for families at every campsite and city we visit. The sky is the limit and we learn more about photography possibliites while on the road just about everyday. God truly blessed my photography business this past summer, and I can't wait to see what doors open up while we travel. I know this trip is going to present so many opportunities to get my name out there... all over the U.S. we hope!

We are so excited to have as many people involved in this adventure as possible. Have a place for us to stay? We would love to roadtrip to you. Have any photoshoots in mind? We would love to photograph you. Wanting to spend a week somewhere in the United States with us? Let us know where you want to meet up with us and we'll make it happen (we'll even kick Cooper off his bed in the pop up camper and let you have it... with clean sheets of course ;)). We're so excited to meet up with friends (new and old) and family all along the way and share every step of the journey with you.

So much love,
Joshua & Ashleigh Roberds (& Cooper too!!)

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