The one where we launch #scarvessowedontstarve

Something funny has happened in the last couple of months.

The main reason we decided to take this trip has become one of our biggest struggles. Keep reading. It's about to get good.

Our goal since we dreamed up this adventure was to defy the American culture. We didn't want to be tied down by money and I'll be darned, we were going to show the world you didn't have to be! That's still our plan... but I think we forgot about the part where we have to save up all of our money before we get to not be tied down by money.

The plan was to leave at the end of October. I'm not really sure why we decided on that date, I think mainly because my photography was done at that time, but that is the date we had in mind. It was our goal, our countdown, our source of excitement. Well, when October rolled around, we begrudgingly realized we were nowhere near our financial goal we had made for ourselves that would allow us to leave. What a sad realization it was.

We made some adjustments which included moving out of our adorable apartment, changing cities, and getting me a job for the holidays. It was exciting at the time. Every change felt like we were making strides to get us closer to making our dream possible. It was new and challenging and it felt good.

But then... the excitement all too quickly wore off. It slowly began to feel like a time of transition that we were very ready to have over. Like yesterday. All of a sudden we were living in a place that wasn't ours, working jobs that made us miserable, rarely seeing one another, and living in a city where we knew no one. And ya know what we found ourselves fighting about way too much? Money. Budgeting, saving, financing... they're the pits!

And all of a sudden we found ourselves facing some of the struggles we so badly wanted to defy by doing this trip. We were living a typical "9-5 life". Our days are filled with solely working to make money and we felt (and feel!) enslaved to it. Wait a second, how did that happen? We so badly don't want to be "those people". Isn't that why we're doing this trip in the first place? But money issues are real and hard and it's super unfortunate that we need it to live. It's such a tricky balance when you need money to reach your dreams. Being a slave to money is a mindset, we always knew that, but it's a mindset that's so easy to slip into. We didn't know that. We didn't realize we would have to put into practice our goals of stomping on the American Dream before we even left. But we've had to. And everyday, it's an intentional choice to save money with joy. And not feel the burden of it. We fail at it, most days. But we're learning a lot. And we so can't wait to leave.

So here we are, a little further East, living with bare minimum necessities, and doing our best to save every penny. Literally. And get along while doing it... We're still not where we wanted to be financially come end of November, but our dream is still real and we're working for it everyday. A lot harder than we thought we'd be.

And yesterday while thinking, "dang it! I can't wait to leave!" an idea was born.


Hand-crocheted scarves coming your way. And every penny will go towards buying us food on our trip. Won't you help us leave at the end of December? That's our new goal. And we're trying our damndest to make it happen.

Infinity scarves come in a variety of colors and patterns guaranteeing to be the only scarf like it in all the world! They'll keep you warm and cozy during this winter-which-came-too-early-and-promises-to-stay-too-long. They'd also make an excellent Christmas present. And you can feel extra good about your purchase since you're helping us achieve our dream, one scarf at a time. E-mail me at for prices ($40 or $60 depending on length), colors (you pick!), and styles (single or double looped and solid or multi-colored).

Whether or not you're a scarf fan, please help us spread the word by sharing our scarves for sale using the hashtag #scarvessowedontstarve. And of course, be sure to share your photos of you rockin' your hand-made scarf with that clever little hashtag! I can't wait to see them!

Cozy in our scarves,
The Roberds
(don't worry, Cooper's is being worked on as I type)